A Flow Mobz – Thrill Over Fear

The Art Approach

In Greek mythology, men were turned into stone when looking at the Medusa tricked by her manipulative and lying methods. You could see the fear in their eyes thus they were tempted and thrilled to have a quick glance at the gorgon.

In conjunction, we don’t see man transforming into stone, but the Medusa instead as she appears in the beginning, as follows making a revelation of her true form and colors in the end, when the “mask” falls and all is revealed.

“Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.”

-Mathew 10:16

The concept in basic terms is to thrive over your fears, face them and overcome them,
without having the obstacles or experience change you.  To stand tall and as a winner in dark times we all face. It also invokes, resembles and exposes the dark side we all carry within to battle our obstacles.
In the films introduction we see a light being transcended and go beyond the range or limits of time represented by a clock, while it is set by a thunderstorm characterized as a difficult period or time.


Written, created and directed by John Katehis

Additional Direction: Angel Saft

Editor: Angel Saft
Sound Design: John Katehis, James Papageorgiou
Special Tanks: Nick Deligaris
Production: Crystal View