I live in Athens.

I like to make Films.

I am inspired by images that emerge in my mind, which I consider reflections of my aesthetic. I am not sure where they come from, but I intend to find out soon. During this voyage i find myself doing Music Videos, Short films and anything that is surrounded by art, film and picture in general.

My thought process includes from writing scripts to giving shape in any kind of film or brand new ideas. My aim is to experiment and evolve my imaginative vision in order to reach my inner self greatest creative peak.

I also like Almond Milk.




– Kenneth Award for Best Music Video – Hermetic International Film Festival, Casa Del Cinema, Italy 2018| Thrill Over Fear’(Along with John Katehis)

– Nomination for Best Music Video – Top Awards, Balkan 2017 – People of Black Earth

– Finalist at Miami Epic Festival, Florida, 2018 – Thrill Over Fear

  • Saske

Mike Stuart